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World Port Days

Rotterdam show

September is a month for exhibitions and fashion shows, but in Netherlands, once autumn arrives and the wind gets stronger, Europe's busiest port, Rotterdam Harbour, divulges all its secrets to the public during the annual World Port Festival, annually from the 7th September this event brings together many fans of sailing and boats, so if you are one of those, go to Rotterdam.

The port will be packed with maritime, educational and cultural activities in which the Port and surrounding industrial area play the leading role. You can bring along your friends and family, also for kids it will be fun, you can choose from a big range of distractions - ship tours, rescue and aviation demonstrations and boat cruises, different kind of shows in the water or outside.

The famous World Port Days offer you the opportunity to visit different companies by boat, bus or train. For those ones who are interested in excursions that will give you a chance to visit Port's industrial areas! Rotterdam show has a bit of history, 35 years, there is a large variety of port companies that will give you a glimpse behind the scenes of their daily operations. All kind of activities you will find in the city centre along the river Maas.

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