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International Fashion Week in Madrid

Glimpse of styles

If anyone would ask me, what's September famous for ,I would say for school, coming back to work and holidays blues...but I would never mention, for the fashion weeks, just because I'm not into that, but those girls who live fashion, won't have a doubt! Madrid is no doubt one of those cities, that has no need for some events to get millions of tourists to visit it, but of course more is always better than a every year in September,there is a Madrid's Fashion week going on, all the fashionistas have three full days to enjoy the cat walk, celebrities and the designers wait for the autumn to get there.

Twice a year, the IFEMA centre hosts Madrid's International Fashion Week , which is the most important female fashion exhibition in the country for professionals. Models take to the catwalk, showcasing collections by up-and-coming and some more well-known designers.

It represents all areas of industry, all kind of collections from different designers, from vanguard designers and party clothes to city and rural wear, sportswear, underwear and teen fashion. Today is the last day of the Fashion week, so hurry up, if you are visiting, you will still feel the atmosphere in the streets.

Spanish goods are widely recognised on the international market,and that explain the increasing numbers of foreign exhibitors at Madrid International Fashion Week, this is event not to be missed if you care about the fashion.

The Madrid's Fashion week gives us a glimpse of styles in the next season, which is already knocking the doors. Doesn't matter if you can't afford it, even if you are interested only in a pair of jeans, taking part of the fashion week might cheer you up in the September...which is not the most precious month of the year...get in the glamour Madrid's International Fashion week and get your inspiration to shine.

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