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Beauty of San Jose

Cultular capital in Costa Rica

I'm sure you have already planed your holiday from A until Z, but there are still some of you saying, you have no idea, even if it's so, there is never too late to discover some beautiful places, like Costa Rica, San Jose, you can go there even in September or October, still enjoying marvellous weather. San Jose is located in Central Valley, surrounded by towering green mountains, the capital city is vibrant and not as intimidating as most Central American capitals.

San Jose has a lot to offer, a world-renowned quality of life, wide variety of exciting cultural, recreational, educational and entertainment opportunities. You will enjoy all kind of beauties in this city, nature and quality of life, San Jose has the nation's best public safety record of any metropolitan area, a marvellous ethnic diversity and a beautiful climate. There is this kind of peace and comfortable lifestyle you might be searching for all of your life, overwhelming natural beauty just makes you stay there more and more. By the way Since the boom, tourism is more chic and less cheap, which is more than great!

If you are planning to go out and discover night-life that San Jose offers , you wont be disappointed, the night-life is vibrant and full of international atmosphere, there is something for every kind of taste, lousy noisy places, charming and fancy places, countless restaurants with an excellent food, specially fish food. Various museums, including the 100 year-old National Theater and the National Dance and Theater Companies make San Jose the cultural capital as well. There is so much to see that you won't believe you can experience all that in one city.

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