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Largest commercial center, Shanghai

Chinese traditions

Are you looking for a perfect destination to get rest? To see something different than you used to see? Shanghai is a very dynamic and exciting metropolis of more than 18 million people, and considered to be the fastest changing nation, and it's not just living China's dream, but is setting the pace for the rest of the world. Sahnghai is located right in the mouth of China's Yangtze Rive, featuring the main tourist attractions, all the art museums and monuments.

Hu or Shen, these are two names short for Shanghai, this multi-cultural metropolis is a mix of both, the modern and traditional Chinese features. Shanghai has a unique undescribable charm, that you won't see nowhere else, new skyscrapers and old Shikumen together draw the skyline of Shanghai, at the same time mixed with western customs and Chinese traditions intertwined and formed Shanghai's culture, making a visitor's stay truly memorable, it's a life time experience. And the food, the great Shanghai Chinese cuisine will leave you breathless.

China's largest commercial and financial centre, Shanghai draws the attention of the whole world. The metropolis has it all, great transportation, serving an important air, road and water, rail transport hub in eastern China, also economically growing every day, any time, any hour there will be a bus, train or subway taking you t any corner in the city, escaping traffic jams with cars or taxi.

There are countless great restaurants to enjoy amazing meals, traditional and a bit exotic food, offering quality food and superior service, food that delights focusing on the mix traditions of Beijing, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangzhou and of course the local Benbang dishes, but still if you miss your local food, there are many places in the down-town area you can find many Western food restaurants. Enjoy it in Shanghai style, you won't regret.

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