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Kwan Tai birthday Hong Kong

God of War

There are many festivals during this period in China, but one of the most important and most appreciated is the Chinese festival in Hong Kong, which is one of the chief attractions in the city. Thousands of people from all over the world will turn out to join the celebrations, you will see fireworks, festive feasting, lion and dragon dancers, incense smoke, Chinese opera, mah jong, fortune-telling, carnivals and different parades coming together in a variety of combinations to create a uniquely festive atmosphere, that you haven't see nowhere else in the world.

Kwan Tai birthday is paradoxically worshipped by both, the secret societies and the police, Kwan Tai has the crime and punishment market very well cornered. Festivals in honour of the gods are always cause for a large street party in Hong Kong. Kwan Tai is the God of War , all the celebrations will be in Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong with a lot of live music and dancing. Kwan Tai is also the patron of the Hong Kong police and, interestingly, gangsters. Back in AD220-AD265 he lived during three Kingdoms period and later was deified as a Taoist symbol of integrity and loyalty.

It's not all about dancing, laughing and partying in general is about supplicants bringing offerings and give prayers up for his protection and blessing, so while youngsters go for mad partying and having fun, which is actually all about, the older ones are there for prayers and forgiveness. Every year Kwan Tai is celebrated on the 15th day of the fifth moon, being as a symbol of integrity and loyalty. You can also visit the temple on Hong Kong Island's Hollywood road to see a statue of him from the 19th Century, unlike most temple statues it is a colourful one., but consider that the temple is not just for him though, it is also for the God of literature as well which is why the temple is "Civil and martial". You will see celebrations a bit in a different and more particular way than you might be used to, but you will definitely earn a life wide experience in a temple, getting richer with what you have seen.

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