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Venice Effect 2012

Italian culture

There is so much to choose from when it comes to Italian festivals and celebrations. Doesn’t really matter, it's Summer or Winter, plenty things to do and to see. People heading to Venice with hope,. Having romantic holidays without any specific planes what to do, cos it's Venice, and it's enjoyable itself, but it's always better to organize a bit, saving time, and seeing more.

Many annual Italian art festivals focus on Italian culture in general and various types of art, such as theatre, videos, music, experimental art, handicraft, literature and dance, so here is one you could take a part, it has been already started, and tomorrow , the 7th is the last day! The Venice Effect 2012, an extravaganza of theatre , literature, dance and music, aiming to reconstruct the essence of Venice in Livorno.

Just imagine a beautiful hot summer day, next to the most romantic places in Venice, having fun in this celebrations, which is held in an evocative quarter of the town, appropriately called La Venezia after its many bridges and canals.

It's an annual celebration, with more than 70 free events , divided in ten days and nights, you will enjoy guided tours of secret passages, street theatre performances, puppet shows and ethnic music concerts from all over the world and even a poetry reading, sounds like fun? You can still make it to be there.

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