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Celebration of Light

Vancouvers biggest Competition

Need some lights?? Go to Vancouver's Celebration of Lights, it's considered to be the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world, attracting up to 400,000 spectators along English Bay each evening. It has started already on 28th of July, but the culmination is still there on the 4th of August, the last day of the festival. In previous years, countries like Canada, South Africa, the UK and China battled with astonishing displays over English Bay.

If you like to get the best seats for the competition to fully enjoy it, hurry up, but if you like economic seats or even free, watch it from the public parks and beaches, so if you happened to be in Vancouver, you should definitely come and see the International Fireworks Competition, the celebration of Light. It's not only Vancouver's biggest event, it's the largest Owned by the Not For Profit Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society, 2012 marks the 22nd consecutive year of the event, which contributes in excess of $39 million in incremental tourism and hospitality spending each year.

Every year new countries join the competition, also this year won't be exception, 28th -of July Vietnam was on competition, 1st of August, yesterday, it was Brazil and 4th of August it will be Italy taking a part in the show, showing the best they can. All the shows every day starts at 10 PM. There are many supporters, and the organizers are thrilled to announce the beginning of a 3 Year Title Partnership with Honda at the Celebration of Light. So everyone is excited of seeing this year's Honda Celebration of Light.

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