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Old Riga

Riga is the capital city of Latvia and is home to nearly a third of the country's population. In the
summer months, the weather averages around 20 degrees centigrade, but can exceed 30 on the hottest days. June through September are also when the country sees its highest rain fall, (around 2
to 3 inches). The city operates a huge number of transportation services, from trams to boats on the river, running both within Riga and also connecting the capital the rest of the country.

Riga holds a lot of history and it is apparent in many of its buildings. Whilst there, one should see the old city, Vecriga; "Old Riga" is made up of small piazzas and is the perfect place to aimlessly wonder.

There are also many bars where you can find local beer and watch the world go by. With regards to
food, there are restaurants everywhere serving buffet style food, to full 3 course meals of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

The chocolate shops in Riga are famous worldwide and are definitely worth a visit! Whilst in the old city, it'd be worthwhile seeing the monument representing the Soviet War; flowers are still laid daily and is beautiful. There are lots of walking tours In the town, each showing a different insight into the old city, for example, German Riga and Jewish Riga.

Also worthwhile is the Art Nouveau Museum which shows many examples of the art Riga has to offer. This nouveau style is present throughout the city and is part of the country's rich art heritage.

For local foods, try the central market; here you can try all sorts of local delicacies like, pigs ears! A lot of the restaurants around the city pride themselves on serving local cuisine and drinks and are a great way of getting to know Latvia!

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