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Cusco, Peru

Cuzco is a city in Peru with strong Inca roots, dating back to the 13th Century. For history buffs this is one place that is waiting to be discovered.

Situated in the south of the country but with a very high altitude level of around 11,000 feet, you will truly feel like on a high as you walk up and down the steps or on the cobbled streets of this beautiful city. With beautiful churches and stunning views of the surrounding mountains, Cuzco will make you feel like you are living in another world.

For anybody looking to escape modern life, Cuzco gifts us with the beauty of an indigenous culture full of colourful clothing and relaxed locals.

Not too far away from the centre you join in the Inca Trail and hike across the mountains and visit some local towns on your way to the very popular Machu Picchu. Cuzco will leave you caught for breath, step by step.

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