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Little Italy in Toronto

Corso Italia

Italy is world-famous with their food, cuisine and special family treatment, which for many other countries seems too much and even called often as mama's boys..but maybe we are too jealous for that kind of family treatment, this special being together for dinner, maybe that's what we actually miss..we will never know , it's so personal. Whenever there is a conversation about Italy, in our minds pops up the idea about wine and great food...and that's the best Italians do!

In Toronto is Italian community, Corso Italia is a snug little area in Toronto that is dedicated to Italian businesses, cuisine, and culture, but don't confuse it with Toronto's Little Italy, this is a lot smaller version but offers just as much in the way of Italian living, is located along St Clair West between Westmount Ave and Lansdowne Ave. Corso Italia history is very simple, before back in 1900s the previous area was known as Earlscourt, and soon became part of the city of Tornoto. Italian immigrants started slowly getting closer to this region, some of them even travelled from the other smaller Italian neighbourhoods.

Getting back to this colourful event, that with each year become more alive with live bands, over 30, salsa and other music on street corners and balconies, Corso Italia has gain a big name. Getting to the point, obviously, cuisine, food and beverage retailers will offer a mouth-watering selection of tastes and flavours, with promotions and samples of their cuisine.

You will be enjoying so much, for some that would be real Italy, Italians all over, maybe less Italian than those ones back home, but still, making your stay pleasant and very very welcoming. Come and get this very vibrant Italian atmosphere.

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