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Sound and Light Show

Pyramids, the Sphinx, Cairo

Very famous holiday destination is Cairo in Egypt, also some particular shows will be waiting for you. The one-hour Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza takes place every night, bringing alive the amazing history of these 5000 year old monuments. This year it takes place in 2nd July, which is today, maybe too late to let you know that, but still for those ones who are happened to be in Cairo, will take it as a useful tip, or just for the next time to know.

So you're in Cairo and you've seen the Pyramids in daylight. If you want a different perspective, the Sound and Light Show gives you a chance to see them illuminated in the darkness of evening. It all come with a dramatic soundtrack, countless light projections and laser beams. The show was first performed back in 1961, the show starts with the history of The Sphinx, being the vigilant guardian city of the dead for 5000 years. There will be also shows in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Arabic, which can be booked in advance through many tour operators, including Egypt Tour Planner.

It's really something, the show will consist of recorded commentary, telling the story of Egyptians, illustrated by images, all projected on the wall of the temple, really amazing. Consider, that there are no live musicians or actors. The show depicts the story of building the pyramids of Keops, Kephren, Mykerinos and relates to great and famous figures of ancient Egypt such as Thutmosis IV, Akhnaten, Nefertiti and Tut Ankh Amon. Don't miss it!

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