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Santos Populares

Dancing in Lisbon streets

If there is one thing that Portuguese know, is definitely how to celebrate, and, yes, June is the month that starts celebrating from the 1st until the 30th. During this period the Portuguese capital is draped in colourful paper streamers.

Lisbon is dominated by saints days, which gives the festival its other name, Santos Populares. There will be the beautiful very well known street entertainment, cinema, music, dance, theatre, diverse parades happening all over the town.

The main reasons for all those celebrations, because it's not just one, there are three Saints that are responsible for brightening up this month! Starting with Saint Anthony, Saint John, yesterday, and Saint Peter's, from 28th until 29th. There is also a little ritual going on, as a symbol of affection, locals present each other with pots of basil and paper carnations on which they write poems. If you can just imagine the beauty what's on the streets,you would know , it's right place and time to visit, all the music and dancing in the pretty streets, makes it just perfect summer feeling.

The Alfama and Mouraria are the most popular districts for evening parties, where sardines are grilled outside the houses and the narrow streets fill with people in a party mood. Sao Pedro, meaning the same St Peter's , there are many ceremonies that dating back in Middle Ages, a boat procession on the Tagus , which is the river which runs through Lisbon. Come to Lisbon and let the positivity of Portuguese people guide you into a mood of celebrations.

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