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Dragon Boat Race

Little charming town in Austria

This is the time when everyone is busy with football or Johns Day, but for those ones who are not that into soccer or celebrating with beer, should go to Austria. There is dragon boat races going on in Eglisau, which is a little town on the Rhine, the event is a tradition for more than 20 years now. The dragon boat races in Eglisau has become and transformed transformed over the years from a local event to a dragon boat festival which attracts national interest and enjoys a prominent position amongst the racing scene., every boat lover head to Austria to enjoy the festival.

The very charming little town by the River Rhine attracts many visitors this time of the year, to live this lovely experience. Who is responsible about those annual races? GmbH, the Dragon Boat Club Eglisau holds Europe's oldest races. But it's obviously not only about racing boats, with professionals, don't think like that, most of the people just go there to enjoy lovely atmosphere, with the bars and great Dj's alongside the race. The first round takes place in Vienna's River Danube, the second in Schwarzl Lake, Graz, and the finals in Zell am See's lake.

It's very beloved event also for married couples, it's a chance for men to wear frocks and get wet, and for women is a perfect time to get a glass of wine, enjoying girlfriend atmosphere and chat about other ones.

In Austria for the locals it's also a company events, many of them take a part in the boat race, making a team from the staff, great chance to get know your colleagues out from office, as very important aspect of Dragon Boating is teamwork, a team that is perfectly in symphony with each other have a much greater chance of winning up against a more talented and strong team that is working individually. Austria is known for many things, but not necessarily it’s sporting enthusiasm, but here they are to prove the opposite, and obviously they already did, as the competition is well known almost for 20 years.

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