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India in microcosm

Mumbai, city of contrasts

If June is the month in most of the world, that sun is shining bright and summer has started, for India is a month of rainy showers...but it doesn't mean to be less pleasant. As someone told me, it's called romantic rain in there, these are not those annoying days, that its cold and raining non stop with all grey around, it's warm and romantic grey, also with some sun shine. If you wonder, what is Mumbai like, here are some descriptions of this teeming metropolis, which tries to find its place in the New World Order.

Mumbai is India's largest and commercial biggest city, Mumbai is the fifth most expensive city in the world, almost 40 % of this island city consists of reclaimed land from the sea. It's definitely a city of contrasts, Ancient yet modern, fabulously rich yet achingly poor, Mumbai is India in microcosm. If we look back in the history, Mumbai once was a sultry tropical archipelago of the seven islands, and also Raj's brightest jewel.

You can put it as you like, but Mumbai still stays the most contrast city in the world, you will see skyscrapers standing majestically right next to slums, Dharavi , which is the biggest slum in Asia. You will also see all kind of people standing right next to each other, rich or extremely poor, with different culture and religion, with their own point of view to the life, but still all making one. The main languages spoken are Hindi and Hinglish, which has its weird name from the mixture of two languages, Hindi and English. All about Mumbai is multi religious, multi cultural and multilingual, come and enjoy the romantic rain, the different rain...

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