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Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival

Successful groups and famous artists

You have no idea what to do this summer, which has already started? Sandy beaches?Cultural cities? Something calm away from everyone and everything? Or parties in Ibiza? Maybe it's all too familiar and you are looking for something relaxing, cultural, enjoyable and different, that you could enjoy together with you family?

Go to turkey, its very famous touristy spot Marmaris, a place where sun is shining brighter, and people feel free to totally relax and enjoy their holidays. During June there is something special going on, The Marmaris Maritime & Spring Festival, being a combination of entertaining shows, sports contests and exhibitions relating to the sea.

The Aegean resort town of Marmaris will host various cultural and sports activities. In the nigh time you can enjoy many diverse concerts and acrobatic slam-dunk shows, with competitions fulfilling the harbour.

Marmaris Council are making sure to bring Turkey's most famous artists and the most successful groups of the show business, some very popular like deep-scaled dance group Fire of Anatolia, performing in the opening ceremony, this time it will be the sixth Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival.

All going on in Ataturk Square. There will be many competitions that inhabitants of Marmaris and also tourists will be enjoying, such as Photography Competition and the Cutest Dog Contest, Boat Building Competition, Fishing Competition and Oiled Mast Competition, plus new ones, specially made for this year. Come to enjoy your perfect holidays in Marmaris.

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