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The Taj Mahal

From Beijing to Bali, Asia is a sacred land of adventure with galvanic repulsions and stimulating activities. Enjoy beautiful beaches and breathtaking sceneries throughout the whole continent.

You can start your journey with the most attractive place in India "The Taj Mahal" one of the seven wonders of the world. As you approach the famous Taj Mahal of India, your eyes will be drawn up to the fabulous white dome which rises in the center, flanked on each side by more white domes and surrounded by incredible white towers. This building was constructed beginning in 1632 to finish at 1653, and was commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a burial chamber for his favorite wife, Mumtaz.

Explore the bustling cultural capital that is Beijing, China, which offers some of Asia's most exciting attractions, including the Chinese Art Museum and Beijing Olympic Games "Bird's Nest" National Stadium. Escape to the spectacular valley of the Campuhan River and feel the spirit, beauty and culture Whichever corner of Asia you find yourself exploring,

The next in your list can be the Great wall of china. Here you will be able to discover the history behind the wall within the beautiful city and shops. The culture in this part of the world is not only beautiful and historical, it is one that you will want to discover on your own. From the myths to the magic, exploring the Wall, you will be enthralled with everything you find.

Thailand, an enchanting destination for scuba diving, sun-bathing and romantic escapes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and cuisine of Bangkok, humming with world-class shopping, traditional dining experiences and enchanting entertainment.

Like a prime splendid in all it’s glory, Mount Fuji stands majestically and proudly covered in a robe of snow. And like courtiers of old, artists, mountain climbers, and nature lovers from and the whole world come and pay homage to its impressive beauty and grace. So much so that it is hailed as one of Japan’s best attractions. No visit to Japan is ever the same without a visit to Mount Fuji.

About 60 million years ago, Mount Everest was formed, giving Earth one of its most spectacular natural landmarks. The mountain the highest in the world, is located on the border of Nepal and Tibet. This splendid attraction appeals the tourist almost more than everything in the world. The disneyland the world's third most visited theme park in Japan is the place that shouldn’t be missed out.

More than its visual aspect, it's the people and culture of this Indonesian island which will capture and make you fall more in love with the place. Located between the islands of Lombok and Java, Bali is simply one of the top travel destinations in Indonesia. There's just so much to do in Bali; relax in the island's exotic sunny beaches, enjoy its rich jungles and lush mountains. Don't forget to immerse yourself into the locals' ceremonies, music, festivals and dancing.

The summing up of asian tourist attractions are pretty difficult because listing out of so many is a bit complicated. In any case you are not recommended to miss out singapore, the awesome night safari, the Thai spa at Bangkok, Jeju island of South Korea, Pangkor and Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Andaman and Nicobar island of India, and the beach of Phuket, or Pattaya in Thailand.

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