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White nights in Russia

Summer in St Petersburg-style

Have you ever heard about the White nights in St Petersburg? That's the most beautiful happening in the summer in Russia, there are those incredible luminous northern midsummer eves when the high latitudes are bathed in a pearlescent all-night glow. To make you understand better, the revelling starts in May, when the city finally sets the spring mode, and all the parks are full of flowering trees, and in mid June the beauty happends, the peak time, when the sun slumps lazily towards the horizon, but never fully sets.

This is a life time experience, to not be missed, St Petersburg will leave you amazed, there are also many events and music performances held, imagine the with nights in summer , sun filled days in Russia's northern city. This could be your romantic Russian vacation, you have no idea how warm the atmosphere is there, enjoying walk in the night in the incredible city, with your beloved partner, going to see the Stars of the White Nights concert programs , which are credit to any philharmonic orchestra.

After fancy restaurant you can continue with one of the most famous ballet or orchestra concert in the world, and after enjoy the romantic white mights with some of the most delicious Russian ice cream, called in Russian Marozenoe, or you will see people selling huge juicy watermelons , embankments for a real taste of summer St Petersburg-style. So plan your best holiday or even honey moon in end of May in one of the world's best citeis.

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