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Cheese Rolling festival

Gloucestershire, Coppers Hill

June is the first month of summer, so people all over the Europe start to make barbecues and going for holidays, but British are rolling down the hill ...with cheese. Sounds crazy? It's not for them, every year on the bank holidays, they are coming together at the Cooper's Hill, in , England. The event is huge and attracts thousands of cheese-lovers from all over UK and also from outside. The festival is not some new made event , it's around for a long time and someone says that it's originated in Ancient Roman rites.

Don't think it's easy, back in 2012 it was cancelled, because of the safety, some of the participants from the previous years have broken limbs and other parts of body, so to not harm anyone, the beloved fun full event was cancelled, it emerged today that the annual cheese-rolling event at Cooper's Hill above Brockworth has become the latest victim of health and safety concerns.

If you are curious what exactly they do with the cheese rolling down the hill, is pretty simple, at noon on the appointed day, a large, mellow, 7-lb wheel of ripe Gloucestershire cheese is rolled downhill and chased by eager participants, who push and shove in an attempt to be the first to reach the bottom of the hill.

It's a rough track down, and injuries- most of them minor, fortunately- are not uncommon. In all, four downhill races , which are more for ladies, are run, with the winner in each race getting to take home the cheese. So if you like some fun, and you are a cheese-lover, go to Gloucestershire!

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