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Salvador top 5 in Brazil

Want to experience beautiful vacation? Haven't decided yet where about to go? I would say Brazil is the best place to be enjoying sun almost all year long. Specially Salvador, located on the north est coast of Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean, being the third largest city in Brazilian. There will be many attractions and events to choose from!

Exotic excitement awaits one when visiting Salvador, Brazil. With many fine attractions and events to choose from, one's stay will always be a very pleasant experience. Very often is called Bahia by locals, once it was the magnificent capital of Portugal’s great New World colony. May wild festivals and art movements happen pretty often here, so trouble to get bored is not this case. You know the popular carnivals all over Brazil? So Salvador is one of the cities where carnival is something familiar, drum corps pounding out powerful rhythms against the backdrop of colonial buildings almost daily.

Salvador celebrate and reconnect with African gods at mystical Candomble ceremonies, there’s no other place in the world where descendants of African slaves have preserved their heritage as well as in Salvador, from music and religion to food, dance and martial arts traditions and religion with Portuguese and Indian influences, so come to enjoy something different.

Salvador is on of the top 5 cities in Brazil with 2 million inhabitants and very rich culture life, and do not forget, also the main business city in the north east. Very famous old town centre the Pelourinho, with many thing to do and see.

If you are going for the beaches, the best time is December when the heat hits all limits, if you prefer something more chilly, go there October or September, also the pries will be more friendly, tone of the most popular beaches in Salvador is Ilha de Tinhare, excellent beach from both sides, with Ondina and Rio Vermelho as the neighbouring beaches, with many restaurants and white sand and black freshwater lagoon. Make the best of your vacation in Brazil.

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