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Beautiful beach Tel Aviv

City that never stops

Maybe the good thing on Tel Aviv is there are no MUSTS but you can do a lot of Fun things. If you want to see important archeological, architectural or religios places you probably visit Jerusalem or Massada.

But take a walk on the beautiful beach Tel Aviv is most famous for, stop at one of the bars to relax (it might be more expensive than in the City) and you will find out what's so different to the capital of Israel. Some natives might say Tel Aviv got more Cafes per head than New York.

On the beach you will see a lot of people enjoying watersport and from diving over windsurfing to renting a Kayak everything is possible! The old city of Jaffa could also be a nice trip inside the area of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv itself is very flat so it will be easy dicover it with yor feet. Although Tel Aviv is called "the city that never stops", and that probably is related to it's nightlife! Bars are open all night long and some of them never close! The best clubs and bars are at the port and at the Rotschild Blvd. area but the places which are IN are playing hard to get and selecting the crowd.

A lot of people speaking english and so it won't be difficult for foreigners asking for the direction or try to get help. It is save in the streets and you can always walk alone even if you are a woman. Crushed by terror attacs in the past a lot of natives trie to handle it with fatalistic or black humour but i may be true when they say that terror attacks ar not really IN right now.

For many israelians the City is the totaly opposite of Jerusalem: Open minded, hedonistic, creative. Politics and religion are far away. An old joke tells: The best in Jerusalem is the highway to Tel Aviv.

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