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Mother of the world Cairo

Alien city for Europeans

It would be a particular holiday destination, if you look for that, traffic jam, smog blanket, wall of noise, and total chaos, in two words I would describe this metropolis as a hypnotizing charm! And it's so true, Cairo might seem like an alien city for Europeans, being a Muslim population, women walk the streets without veil if they want to, and that's a lot already, they are driving cars and having a proper job like an average women on the earth.

Considered to be a Mother of the world, Cairo is the industrial and commercial heart of this gateway country which lies at the junction of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Its position is very important for whole country, being also a capital of Egypt, Cairo has it all, charm and history, attracting millions of visitors each year. Cairo is sure worth the effort, because it might be hard to understand and find your way in there, but ones you through, you will love it!

It's a huge city with millions of inhabitants living along the River Nile's banks, wich is very near to the world famous Pyramids of Giza. The very well known Sphinx with its broken nose and the treasures of Tutankhamun. That will be breathtaking to discover all the treasures of Egypt concentrated in one city, and as you can imagine, tourism is the strong part of the country, ones you go to Cairo, you will quickly get used to the rather hectic and frenetic lifestyle. The atmosphere of the medieval character never leaves Cairo, it's so worth exploring.

Try to the Giza's pyramids and you will be thrown in the time machine, about 400 years's amazing, going to museums will make you feel the priceless wealth of ancient Egypt's antiquities. Sometimes it might be too much, there is so much history in one city, that you seriously can get tired. Than just throw yourself a moment of peace, sipping a sugary shai or puffing leisurely on a sheesha, watching the chaotic city and their very concentrated inhabitants to their daily duties and lives. Enjoy!

City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
By: Wikipedia
Published on 30-Apr-2012
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