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Hong Kong

Where east meets west

Generally the Hong Kong is known as such a place in china where east meets the west. Infect there are some reasonable logic behind this notion. The cultural aspect of Hong Kong is in such an admixture where one can really find a fusion of eastern and western touch. Now a days the city is holding a top position for its outstanding development in various phases (specially for tourist attractions and event management).

The city of Hong Kong has a series of appealing features to the tourists of all over the world. The first and foremost name comes is the Peak. It's extremely incredible. Having a glance downhill from The Peak you have to be astonished by the fabulous sight of the adjacent city skyline, the world-famous Victoria Harbour and Kowloon, gigantic skyscrapers and quiet green hilly areas.

Getting there can be a remarkable excursion to anybody. It can be distinguished as one of the most beautiful place in the world. Dragged by fortified cables, the tram scales 373 metres (about 1,200 feet). It's so vertical that the buildings you pass look like they're leaning! Whether you're going upwards or coming downwards, you'll definitely love this expedition.

The Madam Tussuad's Museum may give you a stunning thrill to meet over 100 incredibly lifelike wax figures. Just at the time of entering into the museum you may experience the exciting audio visual effect. You may find the wax figures of three categories of people national heroes, glamour celebrities, and historical figures. You can make pose just besides the legendary Bruce lee. Having photo with Barak Obama, Angelina Jolly and Brad Pit or with Jackie Chan , or showing dancing talent with Lady Gaga can be a memorable depiction of the rest of your life.

The trendiest night life in Hong Kong may be found in Lan Kwai Fong. When lights go down the Lan Kwai opens its nocturnal eyes with the dazzling pubs and clubs. You can enjoy a complete young life there.

The Hong Kong park full with nature. An oasis of green among the city landscapes, Hong Kong Park features a birdcage, greenhouse, the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, fountains, lily ponds, playgrounds. The birdcage conveys more than 150 species of birds in a carefully designed tropical rain-forest. Golden Bauhinia Square & Special Flag Raising Ceremony, Happy Valley Racecourse, Jumbo Kingdom Ocean Park, Hong Kong Repulse Bay, Stanley Market & Murray House Aberdeen and s on may be definitely let you not leave the place in a short visit.

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