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City of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Made it truly Asia

To illustrate Kuala Lumpur is similar to release a paperback that has a range of awesome parts. surely, this only inclusive metropolis of Malaysia emerges to set apart with colours of innovation alongside with rich inheritance. The best part about this gamma world city is that it has uphold symmetry between its own customs and rejuvenation.

The tourist attractions of the city are quite a lot. Anchoring the extensive Kuala Lumpur City Centre, are the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers standing as the look-alike ornaments of Kuala Lumpur. Visiting Kuala Lumpur will not be completed unless you visit the Petronas towers. These 88 storied structure conveyed the head quarters of many world famous corporations including the main oil and gas company (Patronas) of Malaysia.

One more prominent feature of the PETRONAS Twin Towers’ is the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS concert hall, Southeast Asia’s chief venue for classical music. Placed in between the two towers, the architectural plan of the provision has earned commend as one of the world’s best concert halls, is based upon the customary design of 19th century European concert halls.

The concert hall has played as host to some of the world’s most respected musical talents and is home to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The double-decked Sky overpass at the Petronas Twin Towers is one of its major depiction. This sky-bridge also played as emergency exit rout.

The Menera KL tower may give you another spectacular view of the city. This has been outperformed by Petronas Tower itself, but the viewing deck of the tower is at least 100 meters higher than the sky bridge of the Petronas Twin towers. One can enjoy the dining in a superb spinning restaurants and the exclusive view of the city together on this tower.

China town remains it’s fame for the widest range of shopping in Malaysia and a dazzling night life. Probably there’s nothing you may not find even in very reasonable prices with the scope of bargaining.

Chow Kit is recognized as one of Malaysia’s most renowned signpost. It looks like Amsterdam’s Red Light District, even if it’s not as inexhaustible or as sleazy. The major street leftovers a vigorous and culturally-enriching scene. The area is apparently not the most authentic part of Kuala Lumpur yet it swarms to the largest wet market in Malaysia.

Besides the wide range of shopping facilities the historic temples of the Kuala Lumpur are also having strong appeal to the tourists. For instance The Thean Hou Temple, Sri Mahashkti Mohambigai Amman Temple

Beyond of all the Kuala lumpur bird park is one of the largest and prime tourist locations. This sprawling 20-hectare park encompasses a few separate parks – Brahminy Land, Hornbill Park, Flamingo Pond and the World of Parrots exhibit – alongside a free-flight walk-in aviary – which domiciles over 3,000 birds. Storks and flamingos play in the water, finches and thrushes twitter among the trees and owls sleep in barns; the cemented paths are the perfect way to enjoy the spectacle of these gorgeous birds and you can even take photographs of yourself with the eagles and macaws and even feed some of the pelicans.

All the features mingled with utmost hospitality for the tourists pleasure…..

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