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Interesting thing to see and do

As all we know that Tokyo is one of the most populous mega cities of the world. It has earned it's fame for verity of popular tempting features. The most interesting thing is the time and the dynamism's of the city. You can't experience the scenic beauty of a place in different times of a day. When it's morning The Tokyo looks like the queen of nature, when it's mid day it turns to be a place of ultra modern isms, and at the inception of dusk it turns to be the dazzling city of colourful lights.

And when I am asked to write about the tourist attractions of the city it leads me into puzzle what to start from and where to end. The historical touch of the city is beard by the one famous museum called ADMT. Probably this is the only museum where you can see no fewer than 135000 advertisements of Edo Era (16th century).

The morning view of the mountain Fuji in Tokyo really can give a filling of freshness and expectation of beauty and peace. And if you want to touch this beauty with your own soul you can get there very easily. Tokyo is one of the first choices to lover of fantasy. The Tokyo Disneyland one of the most popular Disneyland attractions in the world. A number of attractions made it appealing to the tourists worldwide such as "Pinocchio's Daring Journey", "The Eternal Seas" and "Meet the World". In addition, there are up to 300 performers come into sight daily on stage shows, musical concerts and display; and of course Mickey Mouse and all the other Disney characters can be found welcoming visitors and signing autographs. There are more than 27 places to eat varying from snack bars to elaborate gourmet restaurants.

Besides modern technological and colourful staffs of Tokyo there are some historical causes too that give so much speciality to the city, namely Kanda Myojin Shrine, Gojunoto Pagoda that is carrying the ashes of legendary Buddha.

Along with all, the advanced and quick communication services must make you all delighted to have a tour next time over Tokyo.

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