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Brazilian national holiday


The April is here to greet us with just arrived Spring, for most of us it's a time for a big change. That’s the end of the summer in Brazil, kids start to go to school at the end of the February, but on April is holiday time again, even if it's not the driest month in Brazil., there are still many tourists visiting the beautiful South America.

The 21st of April is the national Brazilian holiday, commemorating the execution of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier of Minas Gerais state. If we look back in the history in 1792, when Brazil was still a colony of Portugal, a group of rebels organized an Independence movement in Minas Gerais.

The group had participation of State staff, entrepreneurs, intelectuals and Tiradentes was the poorest of all, but he assumed responsibility, and was the only one sentenced to death , he was hanged .

Tiradentes means "tooth puller" and is the nickname of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier he is considered to be one of the few Brazilian heroes.

What do the Brazilians do in this day? First of all everyone is free, the public service stops, corporations also take a break, most shops open late. And many families take short trips, it's very common to find people from Recife and Fortaleza in hotels and restaurants, and also in a very tourist areas.

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