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Seville Spring Fair

Society parades

There is one country that everyone knows they are party animals, when it comes to festivals, events and parties Spanish are first, they are loud happy party people, who wont miss one festival, specially if it's traditional one.

April comes with sun and so is the party mood set on to start the season. Seville has a special spring atmosphere, garlanded with the sweet scent of orange blossom and jasmine, and a frisson of excited anticipation, as the city's most important event is here the Spring Fair, the Feria.

The all party happens in a huge area in Los Remedios, right next to the river, it's a real fun all week long, mad dancing and eating , no one is sleeping you will meet bunch of happy people going crazy during those nights. From around midday until early evening - especially on Tuesday, the first official day - Sevilla society parades around the fairground in carriages or on horseback. And of course something traditional, which shows that you are in Spain, the daily bullfights , generally considered the best of the season.

If you are interested to start a great spring season, go to Sevilla, and you wont regret it, the Spribng Fair officially begins on Monday at midnight, normally 2 weeks after Semana Santa which is the holly week. There will be countless tents, so inside these tents the drinks start to flow, and tapas are served, from around 1:30pm till early next morning. See you in Spain!

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