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Vancouver gets along with nature.

Beautiful and green

"So beautiful and green!" That is a short way to describe the Vancouver area.
And it is not only due to its great green parks, all its fun activities organised around the nature, its cliff walks, its huge forests and its incredible wildlife, but also to the fact that it is the smallest carbon trail city of any major North American metropolis, with its green buildings and sustainable planning… It's a resolute commitment to sustainability that Vancouver have made with the earth!

Spending a few day at Vancouver, you might want to spice up your days of sightseeing and look for a little adventure like fishing, hiking and camping, taking golf courses, water sports, you will have to make compromise over whale-watching, Treetops Adventure walking on suspension bridges, biking and running trails!

For the whale-watching seasons, in general it's from March to October. There are, at times, hundreds of whales travelling through these northern waterways, so there is a very good chance you will see at least one!(and if you don’t, no worries because many tour operators offer "a rain check policy": you can come back for another tour for free if you didn’t see at least one orcas ! That is to say how many whales are visible!)

To be said: Visitors often come to see the whales, but there are plenty of other marine wildlife sightings possible. Sea lions, birds, seals and dolphins are all commonly seen.

Another way to see all the sea creatures is at the Vancouver Aquarium! Home to fascinating creatures like magnificent beluga whales, Stellar sea lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea otters, harbour seals, moon jellies, sea turtle, giant Pacific octopus, sharks, moray eels, three-toed sloths and thousands fishes of every kind.

What about having a cruise? Have a special dinning evening on a nice boat and have the amazing opportunity to enjoy the fabulous sunset view with your family and friends.

An additional visit not to miss by passing by Vancouver, is the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The first of its kind outside of China. It offers lively demonstrations, Chinese festival celebrations and diverse art exhibitions.

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