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Shanghai above the sea.

Gorgeous city for tourists

Shanghai was the largest and most wealthy city in the Far East already during the 1930's, and has remained the most developed city in China. Within 20 years Shanghai has become a gorgeous city for tourists from everywhere in the world.

Beyond the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower which is the outstanding landmark of Shanghai since its completion in 1995, there is a huge range of museums, colonial architectures, religious buildings, theatres, gardens, parks and shopping areas. The Water Towns of the Shanghai Delta, like Zhujiajiao, are well-worth getting out of the city to explore.

Some places not to miss while visiting Shanghai: The Jin Mao Building, which symbolizes Shanghai emerging into the 21st century, it is the tallest building in the country and third tallest in the world. You definitely have to go to the Jing An Temple dating from the Song Dynasty and look for the numerous museums like the Shanghai Museum, which is famous for its large collection of rare cultural pieces or the Shanghai Municipal History Museum. The Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai which is an active temple, (with 70 resident monks) or the Shanghai Grand Theatre,( located to the north of People's Square in the heart of the city) where are performed operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, dramas and various Chinese operas are not to forget.

Have a promenade in the breathtaking Yuyuan Garden (meaning Happy Garden) built more than 400 years ago during the Ming Dynasty.

What about having a traditional drink at a tea house? Shanghai is home of hundreds of them. You will find there many varieties of tea along with traditional Chinese delicatessens.

Take a boat on the river. There are many companies that run river tours for a couple Yuans, if you look for one of the cheapest. This is a great way to see the atypical Shanghai skyline and river banks and take good pictures.

Shanghai is also a good place to have walking tours, as there are many ancient streets in the city. Although Shanghai is a very busy city with important traffic, the old part of the city has a lot of quite streets which you may bike around to have a look at old Shanghai.

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