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Dublin Fair city

Best known Temple Bar

When travelling to Ireland you will realise two things: first, that the Irish population is really warm and nice and second, that you will never have time to see all the wonders hidden in this country in a life time…But as a starting point you should begin by spending a few days in the country’s capital, the famous Dublin.

Dublin is a multinational city. When walking through the city you will definitely walk by the main street, the famous O’Connell street! There, you will find the Spire. It is a 121.2 metres conical needle made of stainless steel there since 2002 and it is THE meeting point of all Dubliners and tourists… Whatever the time of the day you go there, it is always crowded with people.

When walking through the city centre, be sure to visit the Trinity College Dublin to see the Book of Kells , in the library . The Book of Kells is an illustrated manuscript written by Irish monks in 806 AD. It is a wonderful exemplar of Insular art.

Being the biggest university of Ireland and an historical monument where famous Irish people studied, the Trinity College is a master piece of architecture.Other well-liked landmarks and monuments that you will find in the city are the Molly Malone statue, the Christ Church Cathedral, the Mansion House, the Anna Livia monument, the St Patrick's Cathedral…

Dublin has more green spaces per square kilometre than any other European capital. The most famous ones are the Phoenix Park (one of the biggest walled city parks in Europe), the Herbert Park and the St Stephen's Green.

Dublin's main shopping streets is Grafton Street. In July 2010, Dublin was named as a UNESCO City of Literature, joining Edinburgh, Melbourne and Iowa City with the permanent title. In addition large art galleries are found across the city, including the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, The Douglas Hyde Gallery, The Project Arts Centre, The City Arts Centre and The Royal Hibernian Academy.

Dublin has a vibrant nightlife and has the reputation to be one of the most youthful cities in Europe. There are many pubs across the city centre. Who never heard about the famous Guiness, the Dubliner beer?

The Guiness Storehouse is the museum dedicated to the famous Irish beer ( on St Jame’s Gate, Dublin 8, the price to enter is 15 euros, but at the end of your visit you will have a pint of Guiness (or a cocktail for those that don’t like the black beer). Good to know, if you book your ticket online, you’ll have it for 10% cheaper and you will avoid the queue to enter in the museum!

The best known area for nightlife is Temple Bar. Carreful not to mix Temple bar the pub and Temple bar the quarter of the city. The Pub is overprices compared to the other pubs of the city and usually overtaken by tourists… Try the Irish pub a bit further in the area, it is in those ones that you will find the real Irish spirit.

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