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Carnaval de Binche

South in Brussels

uary is a month for all brightest carnivals, even if you think , that it's one of the shortest and most boring month of the year, that's not true! There are many going ons..Specially in Belgium, there is held one of the brightest carnivals, The The Carnaval de Binche, which is an annual event taking pklace each year in stunning town called Binche, located on south in Brussels. It's a great opportunity to visit this incredibly beautiful country and town.

It's on for three days right after the Lent, attracting thousands of tourists and curious locals, starting on 20th February. The event started back in Mid ages around 14th century and nowadays is one of the most popular street festivals in the world, sure coming together with its beautiful city. People are dressing up, wearing different and colored cloths with giant hates and participate in the parades in the streets.

The Carnival is impossible without the legendary figure Gille, The Gilles were known as musicians of Burgundy France back in 14 Century. Afterfards all the impressive parade, all the Gilles appear, wearing wooden shoes and black, yellow and red cloths, covering their faces with different masks. You will see clowns, dancers and Jugglers, so infinitive fun is guaranteed, take your children with you. Belgian festival is for everyone, with unwavering focus on unity within the community and people coming together for some honest to goodness fun!

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