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Fashion Week in Milan

Catwalk shows

February might seem a boring and even sad month , because of the winter and all what it brings with it...but it is not, be positive, next is March and so is Spring, a time when everything and everyone wakes up...there is something in the air, our bodies and minds feel like in the freedom, so let it go, all the negative thoughts and bring some light in this month. What about Milan, the super fashion city, that rules all the world, can you imagine this tiny town, not even being the capital, it's so power-full, and the story will be about fashion.

So, cheer up, and book the tickets to visit the great city , and there something special going on, the Milan Fashion Week, starting at 22nd of February, lately extended to include an increasing number of catwalk shows, Milan Fashion Week reinforcesthe city's importance in the global fashion industry. Hot new styles are sent down the catwalk twice a year at the Milano Fashion Center, and this is one of the time.

Many famous brands like Gucci, Armani, D&G, Prada and many other top international designers offer a preview of trends to come. So get ready, ladies, take your best friends, and feel like a fashionista even for an hour, you do deserve it, gentlemen, take your friends and enjoy an hour watching great dresses which you might not appreciate but the models, you will:) But to see the hilarious cat walk, you do need to have an invitation, tis is also a great opportunity to visit the stylish modest city, which is booming with fashion tourists and glamorous parties throughout the week.

No doubt, you will see many famous people, like the best designers and artists, musicians and fashionistas, you will feel like a star, so don't miss that, get a piece of the action over cappuccino and biscotti on the pedestrianised Via Della Spiga, where you can admire the theatrical shop windows, and watch fashionistas and beautiful locals posing in their finest.

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