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DOM festival Hamburg

The biggest event in the city

Germany is famous for its very strict rules and pedant people living it something bad? I don't think so, in times, when the world is in total mess, when there is war in countries we never thought would be, when there are earthquakes in places we never could imagine would be, and snow mountains , which paralyze all the country in the places we never had a thought would happened something like this. Germany is still one of the best countries in the world, the most organized and safe for any happening, even unexpected one.

It's also a great place for celebrations, they know how to do that! For example Hamburg is one of the greatest, and there is one event celebrated three times a year, in spring, summer and winter, and it lasts for four weeks at a time. The biggest event in the city, named DOM, being essentially a fairground with plenty of food and spectacular fireworks display. And to admit, there is huge history behind that, started back in 147th Century, back than when entertainment was still provided by jugglers and craftsmen, who, following some disagreements, were granted the right in 1337 to seek shelter in the cathedral “Marien-Dom” whenever the weather was particularly bad, so they called it DOM.

So you can just imagine how much fun could be in festival during a month, you can jump on the rides and then feast on waffles, sausages and candied fruit. Almost three million visitors attend throughout the month, so expect to see crowds of people. DOM is considered to be a part of Hamburg’s tradition and guarantees adventure, fun, excitement and nostalgia. You will smell roasted almonds and taste candied fruit, and of course famous various waffle makers. Do not miss it, it could be a great start of a spring, when the world wakes up from winter's cold and Grey sky becomes blue, that's March.

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