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Venice of Hong Kong

Island in Hong Kong Tai O

I am pretty sure that many of you may think that Venice in Italy is one of the most amazing cities in the world. But does anyone heard about a place that is claimed as “Oriental Venice”? It is an island in Hong Kong. Can you imagine that you can take a breath in such a rushed commercial city?

From now on, you can also visit this old fishing village when you visit Hong Kong. Here is getting more famous to tourists. Traditional Hong Kong style restaurant—Cha Ceng Teng, barbecued dried squid or shrimp, some kinds of snack could be found here in Tai O.It is a bit far away from the city since it is an island anyway. But it is really cool to go there for an afternoon.

If you are not with too much luggage you can visit Tai O when you just arrived Hong Kong because it is closer when you are still at the airport. First you have to go to Tung Chung where only a few MTR stations or like HKD 50 by taxi.

You can easily find the bus number 11 at Tung Chung bus station (outside the very big shopping mall called “Citygate Outlet” and it takes around 40 minutes to reach the island Tai O. If you go to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping in the morning, you can easily find bus 21 at Ngong Ping.

In the other way you can just go there from the centre. If you take this way, I recommend you to visit another island called Mui Wo before going to Tai O, at there you can take bus number 1 or N1. There is ferry connecting it with a famous tourism place – Central.

You can enjoy some special herbal drinks and traditional snacks there with the nice scenery.Don’t you think that it would be a perfect afternoon in your trip to Hong Kong? You can take a fresh breath before entering the fantastic commercial city.It is getting difficult to find such a place in a modern city like Hong Kong. Wish you enjoy the trip and have lots fun!

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