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Unique blend of tradition

Sensational sounds in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to loose yourself and to let the city warmly embrace you, visit Kuala Lumpur, a mix of cultural and traditional influences from all over the world, unique blend of tradition,new world sophistication and indescribable charm, that non of the city has.

Amazing sights, special atmosphere, sensational sounds, aromatic smells and fantastic people, yes, all that and a lot more Kuala Lumpure has to offer. Many communities settled in Kuala Lumpur such as Thais, Indonesians, Sikhs and a huge community of expats offer their own festival, food, music, art fashion and much more...

A great location for your very special vacation, covered by huge swathes of rainforest, perfectly protected within national parks, Kuala Lumpure is fascinating and rich of history. You will enjoy the unique and eccentric architecture that was built hundred years ago, old mansions and inspiring sky scrapers.

As I mentioned the multiracial atmosphere in there, also cuisine is varied and tasteful and definitely adventure in itself. It's a food heaven, hawker centers, kopitiams – coffee shops and diverse restaurants. There are different types of places, all depends what you like , if you re young and yuppie, you will enjoy Bukit Bintang house with many restobars and good food. Or if you like Chinese food, roadside stalls along Jalan Alor are your best bet.

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