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The 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam

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Twelve days, hundreds of movies and documentaries, twenty four screening venues, all fully programmed from 10 in the morning till 1 at night, over 350.000 visitors and a great, international and cultural atmosphere. This is the International Film Festival Rotterdam, one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Europe and in contradiction to for example the Cannes Film Festival, a festival purely focused on the public.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam presents a program that is focused on independent and innovative film-making by up and coming directors from all corners of the world. The selections include 44 world, 23 international and 30 European feature premieres.

So if you are a real film freak and planning on coming to Rotterdam, make sure you visit the city from the 24th of January until the 4th of February 2007! The entire city will be turned into one big movie stage. And it is not only about movies. At different locations within central Rotterdam you can party on until the early hours! Make sure you end at least one of your nights in “De Schouwburg” or crash at various parties all over the city. This alone makes this festival one not to be missed.

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