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Dubrovnic Carnival

Beauty of the Mediterranean

February is a month for all kind of carnivals, and also in Croatia is held one popular, named Dubrovnic Carnival, which is just ideal to colour gloomy February days. If you have no idea what to do and where to go to cheer yourself and your friends up, indulge yourself with good rhythm, happy people, the beauty of the Mediterranean and run out all evil thoughts and the phantoms of the 2012th year.

So, to get to Dubrovnic city for the carnival, you should get there by 5th February, and also if you like to bring your kids and friends, you are more than welcome, they are preparing a warm welcome for everyone. The carnival, like most of them are born in 14th century, but this one is still one of the most interesting in Croatia. If you are not masked, don't worry - you can enjoy the beautiful traditional and modern masks on Stradun, the heart of the Old town in Dubrovnik!

People gather from surrounding areas to dress up in garish costumes, parading down the streets to the sound of trumpets and drums. Everyone , tourists and inhabitants throng Stradun , which is the city's main street, all dressed in festive costumes, with men on horseback carrying lances aimed for a silver ring tied to a rope above the horse trail. Come to enjoy also the street competitions. Various other events take place across the four carnival days, including masquerade balls, street theatre and competitions.

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