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Unconditional beauty of Fortaleza

Enjoying Boom in tourism

Fortaleza's beauty is incredible, its' the fifth largest city in Brazil, although Caerà of which Fortaleza is the capital, is one of the smallest states in Brazil. The city has been enjoying a boom in tourism, while visitors are amazed by its beauty, offering them gorgeous accommodations right next to the sandy beaches. Everything there is high world class, shopping, entertainment and the beaches are breathtaking, such as Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada are renowned for their beauty.

The number of world tourists, Europeans, North and South Americans travelers coming to Cearás Fortaleza has grown very fast and has the fame now. What attracts them so much you would ask? Well, the long coast line, combination of sunny beaches and perfect accommodations where everything has been sorted out and think-ed trough already, all you have to do is take it all and enjoy...sounds good, right? The busy but very safe nightlife attracts young people from South America and regions near by, the delicious culinary, the rich Brazilian culture, the very peaceful and friendly people attracts those ones who are coming to Fortaleza for more than partying.

Its so much to do in here, more than enough history and architecture here to keep your sightseeing calendar full, as we know Brazil is popular for many kind of dances, so enthusiasts of dance, music, and other arts will be delighted to find a scene that ranges from folklore, like the Torém dance once performed by the indigenous Tremembés – to modern entertainments and arts, which are provided by Fortaleza’s many universities and cultural institutes, being very important and situated right in the Fortaleza.

Excellent drinks and delicious food, that's all about Fortaleza, is a city with a rich tapestry of reputable restaurants and bars, so any visitor is bound to find something unique and according to their tastes, learning more about their traditions and lifestyle.

A very popular drink in this city in all Brazil is Cachaca, a very strong alcoholic beverage of around forty percent proof, made from sugar cane juice, it will taste wonderful if you add some tropical drinks, cheers! And Pargo Fish and Lobster, which are Fortaleza specialists, you should try while visiting, in one of the cosy restaurants.

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