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Mumbai in India

Multilingual city

Mumbai's port in India is the commercial and financial capital city of the country, this largest and also busiest port has one of the world's largest harbor. Considering that 40% of the island city consist of claimed land from the sea, it's the fifth most expensive city in the world.

Mumbai has one of the largest cotton textile industries in India, having also the largest source of oil and natural gas, the largest stock exchange in India, and third largest exchange in the world!They also make a medicines there, and they stored into central depots from where they are redistributed all over the country. Countless multinationals and mega corporate offices are located un Mumbai, and the largest motion picture Industry in the world. The city is literally creating the wealth for the country,

The language spoken in Mumbai is Hindi and Hinglish, which is street speak and slang a mixture of Hindi and English. But the very official language spoken is Marathi. As tehre is an influence from many countries and nations, Mumbai is a multi religious, multi cultural and multilingual city. The city is multi religious, multi cultural, multilingual.

The Hindus have their temples, the Christians have their churches, the Muslims have their masjids and the Parsis have their fire temples. The city is very open for everyone to create their lives there, people are friendly and kind, catering to all religious and its festivals.

Skyscrapers are standing majestically right next to the Asia's biggest slum , Dharavi, renowned designer labels and brands made in India. Enjoy the wealth of Art Deco and grand colonial relics, cacophonic temples, many bazaars and the odd spiritual bastion of tranquility.

Sure the food is some of the priorities of the country, spicy, mild anything you like, the food is of infinite variety. Worldwide famous for its delectable traditional dishes, including potato bhaji, Batatya rassa, Batatya rassa Chinch- gulacha, Okra bhaji, which are the most common Mumbai food. Taste all these meals with various flavor of chutneys such as coconut chutney, breadcrumb, peanut, green coriander, bottle gourd chutneys.

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