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Oxford with 39 colleges

Pottery center

Its' a city where almost every student love to be, world famous Oxford Universities...The city of Dreaming Spires. It takes a huge place in the history, for more than 800 years Oxford has been home to royalty and scholars, and since the 9th century an established town, although people are known to have lived in the area for thousands of years. But the story wont be about studding there, just wanna tell how beautiful and bustling is this cosmopolitan town, and the greatest universities are just a little part of the city is now.

There are plenty of tourists traveling to Oxford through all year, because of the ancient and modern mix, the city has it all, museums, culture programs, nightlife, great shopping and anything you want. Also many business centers all around the town, many residential areas and busyness parks, making Oxford one of number one destinations, whether is for work or entertainment.

The city's history is a bit particular, but still fascinating, the Romans made Oxford a pottery center, the Saxon princess Frideswide founded a religious community on the site of Oxford's cathedral, and the Oxenford, which was Saxon originally, gave the city its name.

And finaly getting back to the Universities that Oxford is so popular for, there are 39 colleges making up the University, the building is beautiful itself attracting hoards of tourists each year, it's honey-colored wrapping around winding cobbled streets. The oldest college has has been changed just little from inside, looking nearly the same as 750 years ago,with its jealously guarded quadrangles an aura of studious calm descends. There are traditions and strict rules that still remains the same, such us costumes and dress codes.

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