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Richard Wagner Strasse.

Very popular Leipzig Zoo

Everyone expect from Germany are few famous cities, like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, but there are many more, which are a bit forgotten and not really appreciated, like Leipzig.

Is one of the most dynamic and beautiful Germany´s cities. You can expect anything and everzthing from this stunner, the best dining traditions, world class trade fairs, cultural experience, like operas and classic music, due to its great position with German State of Saxony, the city has become an important transport hub and has attracted countless major organizations, operating and trading within Leipzig city center nowadays.

The center of Leipzig attracts many tourist every single day during the year, in every season there is something brand new and extremely exciting to do, its also surrounded by a busy ring road. Tourism is always encouraged here ,offering a fabulous city discount schene, whereby tourists are able to save money when travelling on public transport and visiting the city's many cultural and tourist attractions. If you are a traveler and interested to get this great Leipzig Card, go to any information center on the Richard-Wagner Strasse.

Leipzig is a great city to visit with your family, kids attraction´s friendly, including the huge and very popular Leipzig Zoo, which is divided into themed areas and boasts an enjoyable safari train and plenty of educational information. Or if you feel very close to the art and all cultural stuff, it´s the right place for you, enjoying a concert at either the Opera House (Opernhaus Leipzig) or the enormous ARENA Leipzig.

Or even better if you are visiting the city with your partner who is not into the art thing, and prefers some soccer game, all for the soccer fans a match at the recently updated Central Stadium (Zentralstadion) will be memorable, the stadium being full can host more than 40000 spectators.

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