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Pure beauty in Nepal

Perfect holiday destination in Pokhara

Just make a perfect picture in your head, about a perfect holiday destination... don't you see a mountains capped by snow, calm lakes, a small village and all you feel is a one big chill out. You can make this dream come true, just travel to Pokhara, Nepal's beauty. This natural beauty is situated at an altitude of 827m from the sea level and 200km west of Kathmandu valley. Pokhara is considered to be the center of adventure!

Its population is around 95,000, nice people and calm atmosphere. Offering breathtaking panoramic views of Himalayan peaks. This tale looking city has become the starting point for most popular trekking and rafting destinations , but also for those ones who appreciate tranquility and peace will enjoy to stay in Pokhara. It's also a perfect place to listen to Buddhist mantras and truly find yourself if you are lost.

Pokhara is also a part of once very vibrant trade rout between India and Tibet, this is considered to be a land of hard working farmers, Magars and Gurungs who have earned worldwide fame as Gurkha soldiers. The climate is not the best you would wish for in summer, heavy rains and humid sub tropical weather, but the rest of the seasons are ideal for traveling to Pkhara.

Same as the location in the Pokhara, hills and flat landskapes, people are very diverse, its mainly home to Newars, Brahmans, Chhetri and other Hindu castes, while the temperate highlands are mainly inhabited by tribal Gurungs and Magars. The people from there work a lot with their hands, for example you will see women weaving exquisite carpets using traditional designs and methods, which are given to them for generations. Very famouse for traditional souveniers and handicrafts of Tibetan.

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