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Finns in Turku

Traditional Cheese Bread dishes

Ones being Finland's capital, Turku still shines, as the oldest city in the country, offering museums and castles, giving you a very special and historic feel. Unfortunately, hardly any of medieval building have remained. Specially in summer Turku is croiwded by tourists, they say its the first taste of Finland, very easy to reach the Aland islands and Stockholm from there.

Turku is the fifth largest city in the country, even with few medieval attractions left, somehow the old city manages to keep the strong historical character and countless museums remanding about the old times, and making the city more discoverable. Visitors very favorite place is just beside the bank of River Aurajoki, Aura, with many boats, you can rest them for a ride throughput the ancient city.

Also recognizable is the market square of Turku, called Kauppatori, being a hub activity in Turku, playing important part in tourism. Another popular place is Turku Cathedral, right in the old town,ranking around the Finland's most significant churches, and sure the eye-catching Turku Castle, build in 13th Century,

Finns were the nation who occupied the lands of Baltic Sea, major part in Finland are Finns, speaking Finnish, and also a Swedish-speaking minority called Saami, Lapp, and Rom, gypsy, minorities. Actually there were a big issue about the language between 1920s and 1930s, many Finnish speakers now recognize the value of Swedish for communicating with other Nordic countries.

Traditional food in Finland might be diverse than the rest of Europe, they prominent the Milk in the diet as a beverage and the basic ingredient in a variety of curdled, soured, and cultured forms, used for soups, stews and puddings, and one of the delicious specialty dishes is Cheese Bread. But still there is big difference between western and eastern Finland, in the traditions of food. Very traditional are fish baked in a rye loaf, potatoes , barley bread, cheese, pickled beets, cloud berries in sauce, milk, and coffee.

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