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Nuestra Senora del Rosario

Siesta is still alive in Argentina

Once you get to this city, it feels like a world apart, Rosario in Argentina doesn't bather of the international void, they still have siesta during the day and gathering in the parks along the river front to enjoy maté. It's a very special city in Argentina, have been a birthplace for country's flag and also for the Che’ Guevara, and an important river port.

There is a particular spirit in the city, old time in nowadays, all the old buildings of the long contanera are converted into huge galleries, galleries and restaurants....yes, restaurants are many! Great food, that's why Rosario is famous, there is at least one bar, restaurant on the each corner of the city, you will never ever walk far to find a parilla or pasta house.

The old city is a mishmash of stunning 20th Century's buildings standing proud in the shadow of ugly old apartment buildings, people live comfortable and in feel, very down earthed, Rosarinos, people from Rosario, are very proud of their beautiful old city and overall , world soccer's golden boy, Lionel Messi, who was born and grown there.

Rosario is one of the most important cities in Argentina, created as a part of royal donation, settled just next to the chapel built for Nuestra Senora del Rosario's honor. Very popular for tourists, something unique and different that they are use to see in South American cities, with many hotels and great food, using fresh products for its delicious dishes and keeping traditions alive at all times. Whether you are keen on partying, which is great in the city, many discos and casinos, but also if you prefer the cultural part, like museums and the public buildings.

Also many green areas right in the heart of Rosario, it's known for its pleasant aspects,historical significance as the place where General Belgrano designed the Argentine flag. You will be filled with lots of energy and fresh air, strange isnt it? In the middle of the city, but yes, tehre are many important parks to see, like Parque Francés, Parque Regional Sur, Parque Urquiza, Parque de los Constituyentes, Parque del Mercado, Parque de la Independencia and Parque de España.

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