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Happy Birthday Hostel 3 years

Ostello del Plebiscito Catania

Catania: December 23rd at Ostello del Plebiscito
Another year together! Thanks to all travelers who stopped at the hostel, to all our friends who come here for a coffee, to everyone who come on sundays to watch the match, the pingpong guys, the "A series" guys, the Briscola and darts players, to all the people that always come and party with us, to the DJs and musicians that played at our hostel.

Thanks to everyone is working here, supporting us everyday!
Thanks to everyone fot this great experience!!

Our "vulcanic" gratefulness extends from Canicatti to Canada by way of New Zeland, South America and Japan.

Thanks to all the people who shared with us theirs cultures, life experiences and smiles.

For this reason we are happy to celebrate with you the hostel's trhee-year birthday.
Guests of the night, with their amusing sound Andrea Alba, Andrea Bonina, e Zhion from our favorite radio Sbeberz We'll give you a wonderful secret live concert: a beautiful surprise, believe it!

A night painted with friendship and fun!
The best birthday's present we could ever get is your partecipation at our party, Friday the 23rd of december! Please, bring with you your friends...we're waiting for you!

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