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Concierto de Navidad

Christmas in Madrid

The beautiful capital of Spain Madrid, is located in heart of the peninsula and in the center of the Castilian plain, having population of over three million people, its a huge cosmopolitain with its business center right into it, Public Administration, Government and Spanish Parliments and also a home to the Spanish Royal Family.

Its also a very important place for main banking and industrial sectors, most of the industries are based her, such as textile, food and metal working factories, earning a lot of money for all the country. It´s known as a very lively cosmopolitain city, with high cultural and touristic level, every year millions of visitors come to see the amazing capital.

Spanish know how to celebrate,and they really do it on December. The Christmas feeling is there, on the every corner, Christmas trees, holiday lights, scene figurines, the Plaza Mayor is all in lights and crowded by spanish and tourists, in ruh to do the last Christmas shopping, frenetic holiday market, various stalls offering anything you like, little figures of Jesus and the creation of belen in spain is a labor of love...any kind of decorations for all tastes, Madrid is so alive during this period, that the positive energy just grows in you.

Also countless events and festivals, concerts are held in Madrid, such as Rihanna, on the 15th of December, Concierto di Navidad, and many more, to cheer you up and give you the real Christmas feeling, only if you truly enjoy the Christmas time, Spanish are very religious people, so please if you do so, respect that fact.

You wont regret it, even of it´s madly busy now, still Madrid´s beauty is indescribable. Even better, if you have relatives or friends living there, you will fully enjoy their traditions, feeling like in real family, see you in Madrid.

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