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Stockholm hunting for the gifts

Exclusively built old stonehouses

Ok, so you arrived in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden! Or maybe you're planning to go..well, let me tell you, you'll not be disappointed! In Stockholm you can choose from many different markets, and we're just talking about the big ones here..Each one of them, with a special and unique feeling to it!

First of is Skansen. For you, non-swedish people, this is the big zoo and also a museum in Stockholm..Do I need to tell you more?! Joke aside, Skansen is located on the beautiful park island Djurgarden and is a true pleasure for the eye. This island which is also home for many of the most fancy villas of Sweden, embedded in soft, fluffy snow, the tree-branches hanging down from the weight, the lit latern in the'll be speechless! This self-named swedes most cosiest market dates back to 1903 and is open between the 26th of November to the 8th of January.

Maybe, you like to combine pleasure with benefits? You know, hit two flies in one smack kind of? Why not combine you're must-go-see archipelago-tour with some gifts-hunting?! Well, you're lucky! Of course the island-natives have some markets of their own..Do the classic, travel with a steam boat between the 1000 islands of the east coast archipelago.

Jump off at Blido, for their massively popular Christmas market and indulge in all the fresh and or smoked newly catched fish, sausage and pattys, reindeer meat, crafts work of wool, leather and home-made candy you can carry! Explore the beautiful little islands from the steam boat is truly something nice, and is higly recommended if you wanna see some nice sights of the area! You can easily access the islands with boat company Stromma Kanalbolaget. They even organise guided- and Christmas dinner-cruises!

Guess you're probably heard about Gamla stan or the Old Town too? An area exclusively built with old stone houses, known as one of the best preserved medieval city centres of the world! A neighbourhood so cosy and sweet you'll probably need to visit the dentist afterwards..Located just south of the royal palace, it's in the absolute central area in Stockholm, and definitely a must-see! The market is open between the 19th of November until 23th of December!

Swedes are crazy bout Christmas, maybe not as crazy as the Germans. But, we're in fact closer to mister Santa himself! This must mean something right?! Pay a visit, you won't get disappointed!

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