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Italian Christmas Bread

Panetone from Milano

We all know that each country have their own recipes and traditions for Christmas eve, some are eating pork with an apple in the mouth, some are not allowed to eat it, some eat ginger cakes, and some in the east are eating peas, and they make sure they eat all of them, other wise they will cry all next year...Italians are rich with traditions and also they have the special menu for Christmas, all dishes from fish, and Panettone. It's a special cake made very simple but tastes just good.

This cake first appeared in Milan, northern Italy, around the 15th century, and the custom consuming Panettone went around the world immediately. Its well known Italian Christmas Bread,there are few good legends surrounding the history of this sweet holiday bread.

Almost all the legends are love stories, sure it's Italy, so with no love and passion nothing works. During, before and after Christmas you can find this sweet product in every italian house, when they are invited for lunch or dinner during this time, always bringing the Pannetone.

It looks like a huge mushroom, covered with sugar-powder, melting in your mouth, the bread is very buttery and does not stale easily. It is made tall, dome-shaped or flat and round, the interior is filled with candied fruit, raisins, or with chocolate or flavored cream, chocolate chips or pastry cream and even liqueurs. It is often accompanied by coffee or liqueur.

By the way, there is another tradition, if you eat the Pannetone with a sip of sparkling spumante or Prosecco, guarantees you good luck and good health for the coming year. It's spread from Milan throughout all Italy, and found in every coffee bar and almost every restaurant in Milan.

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