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Turkish from Istanbul

Hippiest city in the world

The hippiest city in the world? I think we all know what's all about...Istanbul, its probably the number one for the answer, whats your favorite city! Yes, it has a title to be the most populous and famous city in the Europe, and the world's 4th largest city, and I can continue with the Bigger, Better and Largest...because Istanbul truly deserves that.

Istanbul has this special mix, that its quite hard to find in other capitals, the old, exquisite Ottoman mosques, people praying and going to the churches, and than this very modern nightlife, great clubs and stylish restaurants, and people are open minded, its so strange. You might think that Turkish from Istanbul would be reserved and cold, believing their gods and being closed in their own worlds. That's a most commune idea of Turkey for many of us, unless we go there and see the true of Istanbul and their beautiful people with our eyes.

It's one hot city, and no, I'm not talking about the weather, which is hot as well. The international fashion and design press have been talking up Istanbul ad nauseam, and Istanbullus themselves have started really believe that its a World's Hippiest City. But there is a little sense of decrepitude, that the innovation not seen since the days of Süleyman the Magnificent, when all the capital was vanished.

The beautiful metropolis is hiding more than 2000 years of history, with its blue waters, welcoming you to discover the beauty on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. As I mentioned before, there is a wonderful mix in this city, different cultures all around you, you can choose e to feel Orient or you like. There are three successive empires of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul still preserves the legacy of its past while looking forward to a modern future.

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