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Hindu God in Singapore

Surrounding 63 islets

Singapore is the main island lying almost on the equator, surrounding 63 islets. This city is probably one of the most enjoyable cities in Southeast Asia, with a total land area of 682 square km.

It has been a long way for Singapore from swampy colonial outpost become a city which is standing out now, and those ones who say that it has lost its soul, are totally wrong. Nowadays the city is taking its place among the world's premier global cities, ready with brand new ideas and share their business experience to start a fresh START!

For Singapore it took only 150 years to grown into a huge thriving center of commerce and industry. Its culture and history is so rich, full of migrants who have left their cultural and architectural legacy, where else you could see cultures like China, India and Malaysia dip into one day? Singapore is the answer, now it has created one of the world's great eating capitals.

It has one of the most stable societies in Asia, multi religious, multi lingual and more and more, thanks to many migrant groups, who have given a common effort to keep Singapore a prosperous place on the earth, maybe one of the very rare ones.

This city is very modern, with shopping, freeways and glass, you will enjoy the crowded China town's streets with fortune tellers and temple worshippers , which are still a very daily part of Singapore. There is not only china town but a little India, where you can buy anything, starting with freshly ground spices, the best materials of sari, or get a great picture with a Hindu God on it. If you are more into mosques, there is a Arab Street, where you can hear the cry of the muezzin from the Sultan Mosque.

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