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Paradise called Rio de Janeiro

When Autumn has come, making us change the season heavy jumpers and glows, leaving a sad, bitter taste in our hearts, remembering nice warm Summer mornings, there is nothing better than escape to other continent where summer just starts.

Rio de Janeiro is the paradise you need right now! Rio is known as the cidade maravilhosa, marvelous city, with its cinematic cityscape and urban front line. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, with beautiful sandy beaches fronting amazing rain forests, making the view look like a reall paradise with the blue sea water on it.

Rio has it all! Charm, greatest location on the earth, occupying the spectacular settings of metropolis in the world, with sexiest population ever, just imagine a hot summer day seeping a tropical cocktail on the sandy beach, leaving visitors punch drunk on the paradise.

Its beautiful name, called marvelous city , Rio gained when in 1502 Portuguese settlers founded Sebastio do Rio de Janeiro, it became a wealthy exporting sugar, diamonds and gold, it has always been a capital and the home of the monarchs.

Rio is popular also for their people, who live for the moment without a care in the world for tomorrow, sounds of Samba is their rallying cry...they have world famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, with countless bars and restaurants..yes, the food is another enjopyable thing once you are in Rio.

If you would like to have someone can show you around the "ciudade maravilhosa" please contact the Bros Franco and Mimmo Montefinese ( Eng - Spa - Por - Ita ) to introduce to you the spirit of Rio de Janeiro

Traditional restaurants serve food that usually Brazilians are making home, like chicken, beef and lots of seafood, all cooked in old Brazilian style, and it means thinly cuted, breaded and pan fried. They also eat a lot of fresh veg and salads, and very proud of their meat quality, which is free of hormone and raised in free range.

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